Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review : MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick

Hello everyone! :)

I'm back again with another lipstick review. LOL. And it's another bright lipstick. I told you i'm into bright lipsticks nowadays. Even to work, i will be using this MAC Relentlessly Red. Yes, this is the lipstick that i will be reviewing. I think I've posted so many pictures of me using this lipstick before on my Facebook and Instagram account. I dunno why this lipstick makes me feel like taking a selfie. I guess i feel more photogenic whenever i wear MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick. It photographs very beautifully. 

MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick is from the Retro Matte collection. However, now it is in the permanent line of the MAC Lipsticks. So no worries, girls. This lipstick will be available at MAC stores all the time. It comes in a retro matte finish. That means it is similar to the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. You know how MAC Ruby Woo can be a lil drying? Yes, it's like that. But i don't mind that because i always apply lip balm on my lips before using any lipsticks. So if you have dry lips but you still wanna buy this lipstick, then definitely use a lip balm underneath your lipstick. 

MAC Relentlessly Red retails at the usual RM 74. It is a bright red with slight hints of pink to it. It's definitely a more warm tone lipstick. It can be a fun switch up if you're already bored of those classic red lipsticks out there. I love MAC Relentlessly Red because i think it is such a fun coloured lipstick. It reminds me of summer. Those of you living at places where you experience all 4 seasons, you might wanna pick up this lipstick for the summertime. I use this lipstick all year around. I even use it for work when i'm feeling happy and quirky that day. Here's a swatch of MAC Relentlessly Red on my hands. 

Since MAC Relentlessly Red has a retro matte finish, it lasts all day long. I kid you not. I don't even need to touch up after having sushi for lunch. I'm serious, i just had sushi with my mum and brother and my lipstick is still there. It won't budge. I have even worn this lipstick for more than 10 hours and it still looks good. I do line my lips first with a lip liner just to keep the lipstick looking more neater, Coz sometimes when you are wearing a bright coloured lipstick, you want the outline of your lips to look nice and crisp. Below is a closeup picture of my lips with MAC Relentlessly Red. 

Like any other MAC lipsticks, MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick has that nice signature vanilla scent to it. I usually rock this lipstick with just a nice winged out eyeliner look. I don't really bother much with the blush and eyeshadows. Since the lipstick itself is already kinda loud. But of course, if you are heading out for a night out or clubbing with your friends, then fell free to go all out with your look. I like it when girls are adventurous with their makeup. After all, makeup is a way to express yourself. And a random picture of me posing for the camera in my current favourite bright lipstick! 

Anyways, on another note, be kind to each other, girls. Nobody likes to be friends with a bitchy person. And i strongly feel that girls need to learn how to empower each other. Not to bitch and back-stab each other. The catfights gotta stop. 

Lot of love from me! <3



  1. Ah this shade looks gorgeous on you! I love every single MAC lipstick that you own :) Have you tried Craving and Rebel? They're my absolute favourites x

    1. Thank you! :) I have tried MAC Rebel. My mum has that lipstick. But i have not tried MAC Craving. I will check it out the next time i go to MAC :) xxx