Sunday, May 3, 2015

Style Files #11 Oversized T-Shirts & Leggings!

Ola peeps!

You know when you wanna go and watch a movie in the cinema. You always wanna be comfortably dressed just because you wanna enjoy the movie and also cause you're JUST going to the movies. There is nobody to impress. And plus, it's dark. Nobody is going to check out what you're wearing. Even when you are travelling. You're boarding a flight to Melbourne. It takes hours. You wouldn't want to be dressed in a mini skirt and be concious of it throughout the whole flight. You wanna be comfortable and be able to stretch your legs however you want to. So usually during those times, i always stick to my 'comfy clothes uniform'. That for me, is an oversized t-shirt and leggings. 

I LOVE leggings. I feel like it is the most comfortable pants ever invented on planet earth. Like for real. It's stretchy, comfy, and doesn't restrict your movements and plus it makes your butt look super cute! :) So yay! You get to be comfortable and look sexy (in a way) at the same time. These are the 3 outfits that i wanna show you girls. Let's jump right in.

Look #1 : New York City yo!

Floral NYC Top : H & M - RM 59.90
Black Leggings : Topshop - RM 89.00
Watch : Michael Kors Rosegold Blair watch

Look #2 : Unicorn Love

"Part Time Unicorn" Top : H & M - RM 59.90
Dar Blue Leggings : H & M
Watch : Esprit - RM 485

Look #3 Printed Leggings

Plain Green Top : H & M - RM 24.90
Tribal Print Leggings : H & M
Watch : Esprit

So sorry for the mirror selfies as pictures. It's just that my sisters aren't here with me and i can't ask them to help me take those pictures. I usually ask my sisters to help me take them. And plus it's been so long since i have done a style files post that i really wanted to do now. Hence, i had to them these full length picture by myself. The next style files post will be a nicer one, i promise. 

Thank you for reading! 

Lots of love from me <3 


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