Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lovisa + Forever 21 Jewelry Haul :)

Hello everyone! :)

Okay, i know that i've been MIA for the longest of time. It's just that i had so many things to do this month. I had just started working at a new place. I just came back from my Melbourne trip and also my blog has a litlle malfunction earlier this month. I accidentally deleted my blog pictures album in my Google Plus account. I had no idea that it was linked to the blog. So yeah. My older posts now are picture-less. Therefore, i am trying my best to re-upload them ASAP. But i have over 200 posts. It's definitely gonna take some time. So please bare with me. Thank you for understanding as well. Anyways, without further ado, i did some jewelry shopping before my Melbourne Trip. I basically got some jewelry pieces from Lovisa and Forever 21. 

My first purchase from F21 is these beautiful orange and gold drop earrings. Disclaimer, i really really LOVEEE drop earrings. I think it's classy and it can dress up any outfit. I just like the look of that. Hehe. I picked up this earrings coz i don't own anything like this. I do have another orange earrings but those look more ethnic. These earrings just look super modern and nice. I can totally see myself using this earrings with my red dress. If i am not mistaken, it was only RM 15.

Next is this gorgeous long gold chain with a key pendant. Let me tell you something. Recently, i've been lovin' the whole long, oversized t-shirts with leggings. Leggings are sooo comfortable. You know sometimes how skinny jeans can be a lil uncomfortable? Yup, i always feel like that after work or later at night when i just wanna go to the grocery shop with no makeup on. Anyways, whenever you're wearing oversized t-shirts, it is always nice to pair it with a long necklace! It makes your outfit look put together. Plus you'll look super fashionable. AND this necklace was only RM 9. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Seriously, i am shocked at myself for not buying another 3. lol.

The 3rd purchase is something that i have been wanting since forever! A multi layered gold necklace. The minute i saw this necklace, i was like "yep, i'm getting this." This is gorgeous! I wore this to work one day and my colleagues were all over this necklace. Like for real. It glams up any outfit! You can wear this with your clubbing dresses, or with a nice low cut neckline blouse, or even with a cute tube top! Just make sure you go simple on the earrings though. These were retailed at RM 19. Those are the 3 items that i got from Forever 21.

Now onto Lovisa. Most of the time, i only buy Lovisa items during the sale. Let's be real, Lovisa ain't cheap! Especially in Malaysia. In Australia it may be cheap. But it's expensive here. So i buy it during the sale. Unless i really really do like it. Anyways, the first item that i got from Lovisa is this beautiful dark blue drop earrings. These earrings can be heavy but it's so pretty. So it's worth it. Maybe don't wear it everyday. Wearing it occsionally should be fine. The price of the earrings was only RM 8 after the crazy sale they had! 

Next are these beautiful red earrings. I don't own any red earrings, Hence, why i picked up this earrings. I think the design is super stylish and the colour is to die for. Plus, it was only RM 15. I can see myself using this earrings with my black rompers for a night out with my girls or date night with the bf. 

Last but not least, are these hoop earrings. I think this earrings look so fun and flirty. I haven't bought any nice hoop earrings in ages. Therefore, i had to get it. Besides that, look at that crystal ball? isn't that just gorgeous?? This is also one of those earrings that when i wear, i get alot of compliments. I think mainly because it is unique. I love the colour of it too. It's like a mauvey-rose gold. This was RM 8. Hehee.

And that's all you girls! Thank you for your patience. I promise i'll be doing more posts in the month of July kay? This month has been crazy.

Lot of love from me <3



  1. I go to Lovisa 2-3 times a week when they had the 70% sale :D. Now I have a whole box of Lovisa jewelry ;). Kinda sad that the sale ended lol

    1. Haha :D Don't we all love Lovisa's sale? :)