Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Australian Makeup Haul 2015

Namaste everyone! :)

Today i wanted to show you girls the makeup items that i got from my recent trip to Melbourne. Hehe. I went to Melbourne in the first week of June and it was such an amazing trip! My family and i had the best of time there. But i have to admit, the weather was toooooo cold. i was freezing half time. I couldn't wait to get indoors everytime i set foot outside my hotel. I did meet my babe, Sara, who lives there. Didn't see her for so long! Finally got to see her. I even met my aunt and her family as well. My aunt married and Australian guy so permenantly lives there now. Anyway, i did a lot of shopping at Priceline Pharmacy (it's the Aussie version of Watsons) and also Myers. 

I did spend quite a lot there. Thank god for a generous daddy. I have the best father in the world. You guys probably knew that already anyway. HAHA. So these are all the products that i got. By the way, the currency used in this post is in AUD. I grabbed whatever items that i couldn't find in Malaysia. those that can be found in Malaysia, i didn't even look at. 

1) Chi Chi Glamorous Mattes Eye Shadow Palette - AUD 22.95

I got this eyeshadow palette because i've heard YouTube gurus, Shaaanxo and Chloe Morello raves about them! So when i spotted Chi Chi cosmetics at Myers Mall, i knew i had to get at least one of their eyeshadow palettes. So i picked up the matte eyeshadow palette. I haven't used this yet. But i have high hopes for it. Hehe.

2) Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in Drop Dead Gorgeous - AUD 18.95

Chi Chi cosmetics have soooo many lip products! They have these matte La Diva lipsticks and also the creamy matte liquid lipsticks. I didn't get the liquid lipsticks because they where slightly tacky as they do not dry completely matte. Hence, why i got this Drop Dead Gorgeous lipstick. My sister was looking around these lipsticks too and she ended up buying the same lipstick as me just coz this colour is just the most beautiful shade of mauve-y pink!

3) Chi Chi 3 In 1 Eye Concealer in Tanned

I got this concealer because i was just curious. And the formula of this concealer feels really light on the skin. So i think it might make a great undereye concealer. Plus it was inexpensive as well. SO yay! :) This is the last product that i got from Myers and Chi Chi cosmetics. The rest are from Priceline Australia.

4) Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 103 - AUD 12.95

I bought this lipstick because a Youtuber called Arshia was raving about this. According to her this lipstick would be a wearable everyday pink lipstick for Indian girls. Anybody with medium to dark skintone will like this lipstick i guess. Hehe. But it isn't a matte lipstick girls. I feels like a MAC Cremesheen lipstick. SO if you're not into super glossy lipsticks, you wouldn't like this one.

5) Maybelline Color Drama in #630 Nude Perfection - AUD 9.95

When i saw this, i was like YASSSS. I have to get it. Even in the US, apparently these lip pencils are hard to find yo! Plus, these lip pencil is the most gorgeous nude colour ever. I wished that i actually got more colours. Oh well. I'm going to New Zealand at the end of the year. i'll probably pick up a few colours there. Hehe.

6) Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in #400 Natural Beige - AUD 14.95

Many Youtubers raved about this foundation being awesome for those with oily skin. And hello, i am practically the Queen of Oily Faces. So of course i had to buy this foundation. They had very few colour shades though. This is the darkest colour.

7) Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams in Buda-Pash, Hono-Lolo & Shang-Hi - AUD 9.95

I wanted to try some nice Australian makeup. So i was glad when Australis had liquid lipsticks. I always feel that you can't go wrong with getting lip products. Compared to getting powders or foundations or powders. So whenever i wanna try a new brand, i'll definitely try their lip products first. Separate review on these matte lip creams will be up on my blog soon.

8) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - AUD 12.99

It's funny how i decided to buy this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I was checking out the Maybelline counter when 2 Australian girls walked into Priceline and one of the girl was telling her friend how much she loved the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water because "It takes everything off". So after they left, i took a long at the cleansing water and decided to purchase it just to try out how it was. I've used this already and boy, that girl was right! This is officially the best makeup remover that i've ever used! This product is on my repurchase list too. I have to buy it somehow.

9) Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in #35 Deep - AUD 14.95

This i bought because EVERY makeup guru on YouTube loves it and claims that it is the best concealer ever. So i wanna test and see if it is any good. Stay tuned, peeps! ;)

10) Australis Primer The Original - AUD 13.95

Well, i wanted to try this Australian brand foundation primer since i don't have a lot of primers anyway. I only have the Benefit POREfessional. That's the one and only primer that i have. I'm not one to collect primers. So i thought why not just get one? Plus, it wasn't expensive.

11) Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black - AUD 12.95

This is only one item that is very popular in the makeup world of YouTube. Almost all beauty gurus love this mascara. I've always wanted to try it. I thought only when i go visit USA (I don't know when that day will come) then i'll finally be able to buy this mascara. So imagine my surprise when i saw this mascar at Priceline? i snatched it up and paid it. With a big fat happy smile. Lol.

12) Models Prerfer Brush in MP20 Large Eyeshadow and MPA102 Airbrush Contour - AUD 12.99 & AUD 18.99

These brushes are cheap! I had to buy a few. I picked up 2 of them. One for my eyeshadow and another one for contouring my cheeks. They are of amazing quality. The brushes are so soft and smooth! Omg, So worth the money, you guys! :)

So that's all of the makeup products that i got while i was in Melbourne Australia. Melbourne is such a beautiful pace. I feel that everybody should visit there at least once in their lifetime. I can't wait for my next holiday at the end of the year to New Zealand! That is gonna be epic too. So till the next post then girls.

I love you all :)



  1. thanks for the share babe! I'm going to Melbourne end of the year, and I have a few items on my list already! :D

    1. Yay :D Glad this post helped :) xx