Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bath & Body Works ~ Velvet Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist

Ola girls! :)

I'm glad to be back here and doing more and more posts for you all! It's been literally so long since i posted regularly on my blog thanks to all the stuff that has been happening in my life. Don't get me wrong. All the stuff that has been happening in my life is positive, amazing stuff! I'm at a happy place right now. So yeah. Hehe. But i promise that i won't neglect my blog. So no worries kay? LOL. Anyway, today i have a deliciously, tempting body mist to talk about. It's from Bath & Body Works. Yes, we do have Bath & Body Works in Malaysia. There is one at The Curve and also another one at Nu Sentral. I went to Nu Sentral last week, i think. And i got a few stuff from there since they were havig this amazing sale. 

So me being me, i had to buy some fragrance. You guys know that i'm a sucker for body mist. I mean, come on. I own like 6 bottles of the Victoria's Secret body mist. Hehe. Anyway, i was walking around the store when i spotted a few body mist. They had scents like Madagascar Vanilla and all that. But since i own a lot of Vanilla and coconut scented mists (hello, Victoria's Secret?) i thought that today i won't get my usual vanilla and coconut scented mists. So i told the salesgirl to recomend me a sweet scented mist that is not vanilla or coconut. The girl came over with the Velvet Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist. I took one sniff of it and i was sold. 

The Velvet Sugar Fine Fragrance mist is retailed at RM 55. It comes in a huge bottle of 236ml/8 fl oz. Velvet Sugar smells like sugary goodness. It doesn't smell like coconut or vanilla at all. The salesgirl told me that when you sniff this mist, the thing that comes to your mind is sugar. And i gotta agree with her. It's a very sugar scented mist. If you're the kind of girl that loves the Victoria's Secret Amber Romance or Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume, you'll LOVE this body mist. It is the best fragrance mist you'll ever have. Ever since i got this mist, i've been using this non-stop. Sometimes i feel bad for not using my all time favourite VS Coconut Passion. But what can i say, i'm obsessed with the Velvet Sugar for now. 

The packaging of the Velvet Sugar is cute as well. It comes in a red plastic bottle with a nozzle spray. The mist doesn't leak so it's sturdy enough to be packed in your suitcase for traveling. So that's great. The scent does last me a long time. I would say it lasts me up to 4 hours. That's good for a body mist. 

Anyway, i give the Velvet Sugar a 10/10 rating because i love it and it doesn't have any flaws at all. It's perfect! Go check it out girls! Hopefully the sale is still on. 

Thank you for reading! 



  1. I have one too! Mine is Wild Madagascar Vanilla. It was a gift and I can pull it off when I mix it with my more masculine perfumes.

    OMG! Nu Sentral was the centre of everything makeup in May! God, I am so jealous! Free makeup was just being handed out!!!

    1. I know! That's why i love Nu Sentral :)