Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wet & Wild Mega Length Mascara Review!

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Today i have a mascara review from the drugstore. You girls know that i personally do not like expensive mascaras because i feel that the drugstore brands also offers very good mascara! In fact, i have always been using mascaras from Maybelline. Maybelline is known for their awesome quality mascara. But today is a good day. because i finally found another drugstore brand that offers inexpensive but amazing mascaras. I'm talking about the Wet & Wild Mega Length Mascara! 

You can find Wet & Wild cosmetics in any Sasa Stores in Malaysia. All Wet & Wild cosmetics are inexpensive. None of their products are over RM 60. Wet & Wild is from USA by the way. Just in case you girls don't know. This Wet & Wild Mega Length mascara is retailed at RM 28.90. That is cheap. Even Maybelline mascaras are like RM 29.90 to RM 39.90. So yay!

This mascara comes in a purple tube. The design is sleek and minimalistic. There is the Wet & Wild logo imprinted on the tube itself. But i noticed that it kind of fades off after awhile. But that does not bother me at all. All i care about is the product! How the mascara works and so on. And it works amazing on my lashes. 

What i look for in a mascara is always length and also separation. I want my lashes to NOT look clumpy. I hate mascaras that makes my lashes clumpy. That's why i always stay away from volumizing mascara. They tend to make your lashes clumpy and spidery-looking. This Wet & Wild Mega Length mascara does not make my lashes look clumpy whatsoever. In fact it separates my lashes and make it look longer and more beautiful. I love the way it makes my lashes look longer than there are as well as separating the lashes beautifully. 

My lashes before i had applied the Wet & Wild Mega Length.

My lashes after the Mega Length has been applied. Look at the differences! And mind you, this was only after 1 coat of mascara.

The Wet & Wild mascara is not waterproof. Just the way i like it. i absolutely hate wearing waterproof mascara because i feel like it's so hard to remove and i don't wanna rip off my lashes while trying to remove the mascara. So yeah. This mascara is fairly easy to remove. I love this plastic brush of this Wet & Wild Mega Length mascara. It's tiny and that's why it can comb through your lashes properly. Applying mascara to your lower lashes will be a breeze to with this brush. 

And that's all i have to say about this mascara. It's my current favourite mascara now. I usually only have 1 mascara opened at a time just because mascara get dried up fast. At most, a mascara can only last up to 6 months.

Anyways, the rating that i'll give the Wet & Wild Mega Length mascara is a 8/10. Thank you for reading, you guys! :)

Till the next post then. Happy Labour day! 


Friday, April 29, 2016

Bollywood Professional Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Mojito

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I'm back with another review again! Woohoo. I'm on a roll. Haha. Anyways, today i am going to be doing another eyeshadow review. Lately, i've been into eyeshadows. Especially single pan eyeshadows like the Inglot Eyeshadows. Last year, i attended the launch party of the new makeup line called Bollywood Professional in Muse by Watsons. Now this cosmetics line can be found at all Watsons stores in Malaysia. So yay!

Inside the goodie bag that they gave, i received their Mineral Single eyeshadow in Mojito. Mojito is the most gorgeous olive green shade ever. I LOVE olive green eyeshadows. I was so glad that i got this shade instead of a weird color. So yeah. Anyways, this is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a cute packaging with the logo printed on it. Mojito is a shimmery shadow which has super good pigmentation.

Below is a swatch of Bollywood Professional Mojito. Imagine how pigmented it would have been if i had actually applied an eyeshadow base first? 

Bollywood Professional cosmetics has quite a range of eyeshadows too. But their Mineral Eyeshadows are super creamy and pigmented. It's not powdery at all. So that means there will not be any fallouts on your face. You can apply this eyeshadow using a brush or even your finger. To be honest, i always apply my eyelid color using my fingers. Because i feel like that gives me the best results in terms of color payoff. Especially when the eyeshadow is shimmery or glittery.

This is the look that i had created today while i was doing my makeup with this Bollywood Professional Mineral Eyeshadow in mojito.

Andddd the overall results!!! On my lips is MAC Whirl lipstick. I'll do an individual post on that lipstick coz it's my new MAC lipstick. Hehee. AND yes, i am wearing a green eyeshadow with a dusty purple top because i don't believe in matching my makeup to my outfit. That's all.

Till the next post then! :) Thank you for reading <3

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Review : Inglot Single Pan Eyeshadows :)

Ola girls! :)

Today, i'll be revising the Inglot Single Pan Eyeshadows. I know, i know. I've been doing so many Inglot cosmetics review. I am even planning on doing a review on their YSM Cream foundation. But what can i say? Inglot is an amazing cosmetics brand. Plus they are right in between the price point of Revlon and MAC. Not as cheap as Revlon prices but not as expensive as MAC. So yeah. Anyways, today it's all about their amazing eyeshadows.

Inglot has a lot of eyeshadows. When i say a lot, i meant A LOT. If you've walked by an Inglot store you know what i'm talking about. They have practically every shade of eyeshadow colors ever! And in all finishes - matte, satin, shimmer and glitters too. The best part is the quality of these eyeshadows are amazing! Even better than the MAC eyeshadows in my opinion. They are one of the most pigmented eyeshadows that i've ever used. 

Below are the swatches of the Inglot Eyeshadows that i have. I have 4 shades. 2 mattes, 1 shimmery shade and another glittery shadow. I would say out of the 4 shades, only 1 shadow has like normal pigmentation. The other 3 are super pigmented, it's crazy! Especially the shimmer and the glittery ones. As for the matte shades, they are pigmented. but the lighter matte shades are usually more 'powdery'. The shades that i have are #368, #335, #430 and #42. You can check out more shades by clicking here.

This #368 with and without an eyeshadow primer. #368 is my everyday, all over the lids kinda matte shade. This is the eyeshadow that i use when i want that 'no-eyeshadow, clean look' to my eyes. It's very clean. When on my eyelids, it looks like i'm not wearing any eyeshadow. But it neutralizes any darkness on my eyelids. It's kinda like my eye primer eyeshadow too. I seriously love peachy nude eyeshadow shades. 

#335 with and without an eyeshadow primer. #335 is super pigmented and matte. So i usually have to use a very light hand when applying this eyeshadow. I always make sure to blend it in properly too. This is one of my favorite crease colors too. The warm brown shade is just perfect to make that crease color pop! But if i'm not feeling like an intense crease shade, i'll mix #368 and #335 together. 

#430 with and without an eyeshadow primer. #430 is this most pigmented and vibrant gold shade ever. It almost looks like a deep gold rustic shade. It's in the shimmer finish. This will look gorgeous when paired with sarees and indian outfits. Me like!

#42 with and without an eyeshadow primer. #42 is my favorite shade! It's a sort of deep chocolate brown glittery eyeshadow that looks amazing on deeper skinned girls. It's the perfect brown smokey eyes shade. However, i will use this shade anytime of the day coz i love it too much. I love to use it when #335 in the crease. The combination of the 2 eyeshadow looks amazing. #42 is the most pigmented shade out of all 4.

Anyways, one of this eyeshadow is retailed at RM 35. It comes in a magnetic pan. So you kinda have to buy the palette. However, if you have a z-palette already or if you're like me (i only have the 2-pan eyeshadow palette, so the other 2 shadows does not have a palette) you don't mind storing the eyeshadows inside their respectively boxes, then it's cool. Problem solved. I find the price good because you're getting a lot of product here. These eyeshadows can last for years.

How often does anybody actually finishes up their eyeshadows? 

Anyways, below is a picture of me with these eyeshadows on my eyes. I'll try to do a step by step post on how to create this Eyeshadow look. So no worries, girls! :)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review : Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

Hello peeps!

Today i have a body care product for you all. It's from Soap & Glory. It's the Flake Away Body Scrub. I have to tell you girls straight up, this stuff is bomb. It's my all-time favorite body scrub now. My favorite used to be the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. But not anymore. This is just THAT awesome. 

I'm weird coz i have a super dry body and a really oily face. I always wonder how is that even possible? Why is the skin on my face oily but the skin on the rest of my body is really dry? Oh well. Anyways, to curb the dryness on my body, i use this Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub. This scrub consist of good ingredients such as Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Almond oil and Shea butter is awesome when it comes to hydration. 

Haha :D I love their tagline for this product! "It might be fine if her friends are flaky, but a lady's legs should never be". You got that right, Soap & Glory ;) Though i wouldn't want my friends to be flaky O.o LOLLL

For those of you that are not familiar with this brand, Soap & Glory is a brand from the UK. It's a drugstore brand there. In Malaysia, we can find these Soap & Glory products in all Sephora Stores. So yay! It's quite easy to find this brand in Malaysia. The prices in this line are somewhat not cheap but not soon expensive too. I really forgot how much i paid for this body scrub because i got it last year. Been awhile you know :P haha. But IF i'm not mistaken, it should be around RM 70 ++ ish?? 

The reason i love this body scrub so much is because it really does exfoliate your skin properly. I cannot stand those sugar scrubs that melts off the minute you apply them onto your skin. Eg. the Body Shop Shea Butter Sugar Scrub. This Soap & Glory Flake Away actually does contain tiny granules (peach seed and also the sea salt) to properly get rid of any flakey dried skin that you have. At the same time, it also moisturize your skin so well. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I LOVEEEE using this scrub when my skin feels dry to the point that it actually feels itchy and irritated. So yeah. 

Below is how the scrub looks like on my hand. 

Another plus point for this Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub is the scent of it. It has the most fresh peach, clean spa scent. After using this in the shower, my whole toilet smells of this scrub. It just has this very refreshing scent to it. And it's kinda lingers on your skin for about an hour or so after using it. So that's lovely. How i usually use this scrub, is basically after i'm done showering, i just slather this all over my skin and massage until most of the granules disappear. Then just wash off like normal. You will see the most amazing results on your skin even after just 1 use. I usually use it about 2 to 3 times a week depending on how my skin is feeling that day. 

Anyways, i give the Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub a rating of 9/10. Try this scrub girls and you will not regret it. After all, taking care of our body is the most important thing! :)

I love you all. 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review : Inglot Gel Eyeliner in #77

Ola girls :)

So i have finally used up both of my Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black. I asked my friend about the current eyeliner that she is using. And she told me that she is using the Inglot Gel Liner. Apparently it's the bomb. So i got it together with the Inglot eyeliner brush as well and guess what? I actually do like it. This is how the gel liner looks like.

It comes in a relatively large pot of eyeliner. It's way bigger than the Bobbi Brown gel liners, the MAC Fluidlines and also the Maybelline ones. So you're getting a lot of product!

It does not come with a brush but you can use any eyeliner brushes that you have. I wanted to get a proper eyeliner brush, so i bought it from Inglot too. The eyeliner brush is awesome! It's called the 'Must Have Angled Liner'. It enables you to draw a very thin line or a thick line. Whichever you prefer. Below is the Ingot Brush #90 that i use for this Gel Liner. 

The consistency of this gel liner is super creamy and pigmented. Plus, It's super black and very creamy. Another thing about this liner that i love is the fact that it dries to a matte finish. It's not like all those other liners that I've tried (especially liquid liners) that dries to a shiny vinyl-like finish. That sucks. Ain't nobody got time for shiny ass liners. Hahaa. Below is the swatch of the eyeliner on my hands. See how pigmented it looks? 

Please ignore my super dry hands. I have yet to get myself a new hand cream!
The Inglot gel liner last relatively long. I get at least 9 hours of wear without smudging while using this eyeliner. However after like 12 hours of wearing it, the eyeliner did smudge around my inner tear duct and also on my eyelids. It did transfer slightly on to my eyelids. So yeah. That's the only con. Otherwise, it's a great eyeliner. 

The price of the Inglot Gel Liner in #77 is around RM 75. But i used my RHB bank card and there was a promotion at that time. So i got a discount of 20% i think. You girls can go and try to see if that discount is still on. Anyways, that wraps up my review for the Inglot Gel Liner in #77.

Rockin' that winged eyeliner look using the Ingot Gel Liner in #77

Till the next post then! :)


Monday, April 25, 2016

Review : Revlon Rose Velvet Lipstick

Hello everyone :)

I'm back after what feels like 10 years! Haha. I guess i took a lil blog break. I don't know why i wasn't feeling inspired at all to do my blog. But i have to admit, after awhile i did miss my blog and blogging in general. I mean, my passion is makeup and all stuff beauty-related. So yeah. Anyways, i'm back! And this time, i'm on a roll! I'll be doing at least 5 posts a week to make up for all that MIA-ing. I mean, i have so many products that i wanna review for you guys. So stay tuned for more :)

Now, back to the post. I got this lipstick a few months back and i love it. It's from Revlon and it's called Rose Velvet. This lipstick is a beautiful mauvey-nude lipstick. It comes in a creme formula which is really creamy and pigmented. It's also super hydrating on the lips. It gives a very comfortable feel to your lips. So for those of you with dry cracky lips - this lipstick will be your savior! 

Below is the swatch of Rose Velvet on my hand.

This lipstick kinda reminds me of MAC Spirit. Which is another gorgeous lipstick shade that i am currently lovin'. I am kinda into more darker nudes nowadays compared to super concealer light nude shades! Thanks Kylie Jenner :) Revlon Rose Velvet looks amazing when worn with a smokey eye or even on a simple day at work with just winged eyeliner. That is what i do too. I always use it that way. 

Anyways, the price of this lipstick is inexpensive. Roughly around RM 32.90 to RM 39.90. Depends on which pharmacy you go and buy it from. Below is a close up picture of my lips with Revlon Rose Velvet.

And this is the full face picture of me. 

That's all for now. Missing all my readers alot! :) 


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist & Body Lotion in Pink Chiffon

Hello Girlies! :)

All girls love to smell good right? Imagine walking into a room full of people and everyone is turning around to look at you because you are accompanied by this sweet-smelling, enticing scent. Haha. I love to smell sweet and florally. That's like my kind of scent. I used to be obsessed with Vanilla scented stuff, but now, i have started to love floral scent too. Especially this certain fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works. This wonderful fragrance is called Pink Chiffon. Pink Chiffon is in their signature collection. So no worries, you'll be able to get it throughout the year. YAY! :D

Anyways, Bath & Body Works fragrance mist comes in a super huge bottle of 236 ml/8fl oz. That's a lot of product compared to the Victoria's Secret Body mist. The scent of Pink Chiffon according to the Bath & Body Works website is as below :-

"A light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals and Vanilla chiffon icing" 

To me, Pink Chiffon has the perfect mix of sweet and the floral scent. It smells like sugary goodness with some tuberose flowers mixed together to form this sweet scent. I am absolutely in love with this scent. It is like my signature scent now. I use it with my Ralph Lauren No. 2 perfume. It goes so well together.

The scent of Pink Chiffon last up to 6 hours if you layer them over perfumes. However, if you were to use them by themselves it will probably only last for around 4 hours or so. Which is quite long lasting for a body mist. I also got the Pink Chiffon body lotion. If i only want to use the fragrance mist with no real perfume, i will apply the Pink Chiffon body lotion first on my skin, before spraying on the mist for some added effect. This makes the scent way stronger. 

The Pink chiffon body lotion smells exactly like the fragrance mist. It comes in a bottle of 236 ml again. It isn't the most hydrating lotion out there, but it does keep you smelling nice. So for my dry skin girls out there, you need to get something stronger for your skin like maybe the Body Shop's Body Butter. You can keep this as a perfume product. 

Bath & Body Works always have the promotion of buying 3 products for the price of RM 180 (if i'm not mistaken) Sorry, i'm really bad at remembering prices of stuff. I would encourage you to buy the 3 products in order to save your money. You can get the fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel etc. You can also mix and match it all.

I would rate the Pink Chiffon fragrance mist and body lotion a 9/10. It is my favorite body mist of all time! It even beat my Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion. 

Till the next post then! :)