Friday, April 29, 2016

Bollywood Professional Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Mojito

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I'm back with another review again! Woohoo. I'm on a roll. Haha. Anyways, today i am going to be doing another eyeshadow review. Lately, i've been into eyeshadows. Especially single pan eyeshadows like the Inglot Eyeshadows. Last year, i attended the launch party of the new makeup line called Bollywood Professional in Muse by Watsons. Now this cosmetics line can be found at all Watsons stores in Malaysia. So yay!

Inside the goodie bag that they gave, i received their Mineral Single eyeshadow in Mojito. Mojito is the most gorgeous olive green shade ever. I LOVE olive green eyeshadows. I was so glad that i got this shade instead of a weird color. So yeah. Anyways, this is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a cute packaging with the logo printed on it. Mojito is a shimmery shadow which has super good pigmentation.

Below is a swatch of Bollywood Professional Mojito. Imagine how pigmented it would have been if i had actually applied an eyeshadow base first? 

Bollywood Professional cosmetics has quite a range of eyeshadows too. But their Mineral Eyeshadows are super creamy and pigmented. It's not powdery at all. So that means there will not be any fallouts on your face. You can apply this eyeshadow using a brush or even your finger. To be honest, i always apply my eyelid color using my fingers. Because i feel like that gives me the best results in terms of color payoff. Especially when the eyeshadow is shimmery or glittery.

This is the look that i had created today while i was doing my makeup with this Bollywood Professional Mineral Eyeshadow in mojito.

Andddd the overall results!!! On my lips is MAC Whirl lipstick. I'll do an individual post on that lipstick coz it's my new MAC lipstick. Hehee. AND yes, i am wearing a green eyeshadow with a dusty purple top because i don't believe in matching my makeup to my outfit. That's all.

Till the next post then! :) Thank you for reading <3

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