Monday, April 25, 2016

Review : Revlon Rose Velvet Lipstick

Hello everyone :)

I'm back after what feels like 10 years! Haha. I guess i took a lil blog break. I don't know why i wasn't feeling inspired at all to do my blog. But i have to admit, after awhile i did miss my blog and blogging in general. I mean, my passion is makeup and all stuff beauty-related. So yeah. Anyways, i'm back! And this time, i'm on a roll! I'll be doing at least 5 posts a week to make up for all that MIA-ing. I mean, i have so many products that i wanna review for you guys. So stay tuned for more :)

Now, back to the post. I got this lipstick a few months back and i love it. It's from Revlon and it's called Rose Velvet. This lipstick is a beautiful mauvey-nude lipstick. It comes in a creme formula which is really creamy and pigmented. It's also super hydrating on the lips. It gives a very comfortable feel to your lips. So for those of you with dry cracky lips - this lipstick will be your savior! 

Below is the swatch of Rose Velvet on my hand.

This lipstick kinda reminds me of MAC Spirit. Which is another gorgeous lipstick shade that i am currently lovin'. I am kinda into more darker nudes nowadays compared to super concealer light nude shades! Thanks Kylie Jenner :) Revlon Rose Velvet looks amazing when worn with a smokey eye or even on a simple day at work with just winged eyeliner. That is what i do too. I always use it that way. 

Anyways, the price of this lipstick is inexpensive. Roughly around RM 32.90 to RM 39.90. Depends on which pharmacy you go and buy it from. Below is a close up picture of my lips with Revlon Rose Velvet.

And this is the full face picture of me. 

That's all for now. Missing all my readers alot! :) 


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