Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review : Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

Hello peeps!

Today i have a body care product for you all. It's from Soap & Glory. It's the Flake Away Body Scrub. I have to tell you girls straight up, this stuff is bomb. It's my all-time favorite body scrub now. My favorite used to be the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. But not anymore. This is just THAT awesome. 

I'm weird coz i have a super dry body and a really oily face. I always wonder how is that even possible? Why is the skin on my face oily but the skin on the rest of my body is really dry? Oh well. Anyways, to curb the dryness on my body, i use this Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub. This scrub consist of good ingredients such as Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Almond oil and Shea butter is awesome when it comes to hydration. 

Haha :D I love their tagline for this product! "It might be fine if her friends are flaky, but a lady's legs should never be". You got that right, Soap & Glory ;) Though i wouldn't want my friends to be flaky O.o LOLLL

For those of you that are not familiar with this brand, Soap & Glory is a brand from the UK. It's a drugstore brand there. In Malaysia, we can find these Soap & Glory products in all Sephora Stores. So yay! It's quite easy to find this brand in Malaysia. The prices in this line are somewhat not cheap but not soon expensive too. I really forgot how much i paid for this body scrub because i got it last year. Been awhile you know :P haha. But IF i'm not mistaken, it should be around RM 70 ++ ish?? 

The reason i love this body scrub so much is because it really does exfoliate your skin properly. I cannot stand those sugar scrubs that melts off the minute you apply them onto your skin. Eg. the Body Shop Shea Butter Sugar Scrub. This Soap & Glory Flake Away actually does contain tiny granules (peach seed and also the sea salt) to properly get rid of any flakey dried skin that you have. At the same time, it also moisturize your skin so well. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I LOVEEEE using this scrub when my skin feels dry to the point that it actually feels itchy and irritated. So yeah. 

Below is how the scrub looks like on my hand. 

Another plus point for this Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub is the scent of it. It has the most fresh peach, clean spa scent. After using this in the shower, my whole toilet smells of this scrub. It just has this very refreshing scent to it. And it's kinda lingers on your skin for about an hour or so after using it. So that's lovely. How i usually use this scrub, is basically after i'm done showering, i just slather this all over my skin and massage until most of the granules disappear. Then just wash off like normal. You will see the most amazing results on your skin even after just 1 use. I usually use it about 2 to 3 times a week depending on how my skin is feeling that day. 

Anyways, i give the Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub a rating of 9/10. Try this scrub girls and you will not regret it. After all, taking care of our body is the most important thing! :)

I love you all. 

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