Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bath & Body Works 3 - Wick Scented Candle Review

Ola senoritas! 

Today i am going to talk (or type lol) about my all time favorite stuff to keep in my bedroom! If you guessed scented candles that means you're right! And you really know me. My favorite scented candles are from Bath & Body Works. Yes, i screamed like a little kid when BBW first came into Malaysia. Like finally. It's about time that we, Malaysians, also have nice scented candles, body mists, car mists and also room sprays.

I have so many scented candles from BBW. My all time classic favorite is the Warm Vanilla Sugar. That is my first and most favorite candle of all. Since this is from the signature collection, it is seldom on discount. It retails at RM 180 for one 3 - wick candle. I know, i know. It's pricey. but what i would advice is buying it during a sale. Look at how much i've used up. Lol. i'm almost done with it. Time for a new one.

My second favorite scented candle is the limited edition 3 wick candle called Buttercream Mint. OMG. If only this wasn't limited edition, it would have been my number 1 candle. the scent is just perfect. The sweetness of the buttercream scent plus the mint scent is just intoxicating. Plus, it's mint green. The color is so gorgeous. I quickly bought another 2 more candles just to keep it in stock. So all together, i have 3 Buttercream Mint candles. 

There is one scented candle that i'm dying to try, it's the Marshmallow Fireside. So many YouTube gurus love that scent. Therefore, it is next on my list of scented candles to try. All the candles have very strong scents that can make your whole house or floor smell good. One time i had my Warm Vanilla Sugar candle burning in my room. And i just opened my room door to talk to my brother in the living room on our first floor. He actually asked me what nice scent that was and that he could smell it from the living room. 

But there are scented candles that don't have really strong scent. One time i bought a limited edition scented candle called Love. The scent was so mild, that i just gave it to my sister. I didn't want to even keep. My sister didn't mind just decorating her room with it. So yeah. That was a disappointment. But it's safe to say that most of the scented candles from the Signature Collection has a very strong scent. So you can't go wrong with them. 

Below is all the scented candles that i have from Bath & Body Works. Aren't they all just beautiful? Nothing feels better than curling unto your bed with the aircond on and your bedroom smelling like Buttercream Mint while enjoying a book as you lay down on bed.  

Okay, thank you for reading! 

I love you all <3 


Foundation Review : Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in #5.5 Warm Honey

Hello everybody! :)

So today i have a foundation review for you all. I've been a hot moment since i last did a foundation review. Today, it's the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in #5.5 Warm Honey. I bought this like 1 year ago. I wanted to just use it as a touch up stick when i'm on the go. However, the other day, i decided to just give it a go and use it as a foundation. After all, it is a foundation. Lol.

The Bobbi Brown Stick foundation comes in a sleek black packaging which twists up the product. It comes with only 9g of product. That is way lesser than what you usually get in any standard foundation which is 1 ounces of product. That's the normal amount of foundation. For the amount, RM 180 is very steep. But, it is a good foundation. I love Bobbi Brown foundations because the shades are so good for asian skin tones. They have the right amount of golden hues in their foundation. I usually use the shade (5.5 Warm Honey or 6 Golden). Sometimes Golden look a little to dark on me. I think the mix of the 2 would give me my perfect shade.

Anyways, this foundation has a natural skin finish. It doesn't make your skin super matte. Though i have to admit, i love foundations that gives me a matte finish because my skin is so oily. However, on an everyday basis, it's better to use something like this which is more natural looking. i would personally use this foundation on days where i don't need to have my makeup on for so long. Or i'll just use it during night time. When its not sunny and i don't have to use any sunscreen on. 

The Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation will be perfect for those with normal skin. As well as dry skin too. But maybe if you do have dry skin, consider using a moisturizer or hydrating primer before applying your foundation. That'll do it. For oily skin girls like me, it'll will do wonders if you apply a mattifying primer (i just use the Urban Decay De-Slick spray mist) and then also top it off with some mattifying powder like the MAC Prep + Prime powder.

If you have acne prone skin, don't worry. Because this foundation did not break me out whatsoever. So yay! It does last a good long of period before it got greasy on me. I think around 4 to 6 hours of wear. I don't use this foundation daily. So i can't really tell you how long 1 stick can last. The usual amount of time that a foundation will last me is around 6 to 8 months? Depending on how much i use it everyday. This foundation can double up as a touch up stick too. Like for those days where you just wanna look fly the whole day. Take this foundation with you in your purse. And then touch up whenever you want to. 

And that's all that i have to say about this Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation.

I'll be back with another post soon, girls!!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed

Hello Peeps! :)

So today i have another matte liquid lipstick post for you from the one and only The Balm Cosmetics. You can find The Balm Cosmetics in Malaysia at every Sasa stores. And you can find Sasa stores in almost all the states in Malaysia. So yay! It's widely available here. Anyways, they launched a line of matte liquid lipstick (obviously going into the craze of matte liquid lipsticks). It's called the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes. There are like 5 or so shades available. Not a very wide variety actually. But hey, better something than nothing.

As expected, i got the nude shade in the collection. It's called Committed. Committed is a nude pinky-peach shade which shockingly, flatters my skin tone. Committed will work for fair to medium dark skin tone. I don't think girls darker than my skin tone will look nice with the shade because it is quite bight. It might give this whole "Nicki Minaj" vibe. You know, when Nicki was going through her phase of using super light pinks and super pastel-y colors on her lips.

Anyways, the packaging on these The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks are so pretty. I totally love the whole retro looking packaging. Isn't this the cutest? But i must warn you, that for the first few uses, when you liquid lipstick is still full, you must always put the doe foot applicator back into the tube slowly. Or else, the liquid lipstick will overflow. It will start leaking out of the tube and it will get so messy.

What i love about this The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes is the scent and pigmentation of it. This liquid lipstick smells like the Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! For real. I get hungry overtime i put this product on. The pigmentation is awesome. Though it does take a few seconds to dry to a complete matte finish. But that does;t bother me at all. This is a swatch of Committed on my hand. 

Since it dries to a proper matte finish, I would say that it does (to a certain extend) dries out my lips. But you gotta be smart and use a thin layer of lip balm underneath it before applying the liquid lipstick. Or use a thick layer of lip balm everyday before you go to bed. This prevents you from getting chapped lips and also it moisturizes your lips and keeps it soft and supple. 

One tube retails for RM 114 in the Sephora Malaysia website. You can click here if you wish to purchase. It used to be less than that actually. If i'm not mistaken, i got mine at RM 89. It's so crazy how prices of everything in Malaysia is increasing drastically. Especially cosmetics and products in Sephora itself. I can't seem to keep up. Below is a close up picture of Committed on my lips. See how matte it becomes?

And this is how it looks overall. What do you guys think about it? Yay or Nay? :D

Till the next post then! 

Lots of Love from me <3 


Friday, May 6, 2016

Review : Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in MIND

Hey girlies! :)

Guess what? I am officially employed again! :) I'll be starting my new job on the 9th of this month! Yay me! Wish me congrats! :P Hehee. Anyways, today i have an eyeshadow palette review. It's from Stila Cosmetics. You can find Stila products in Sephora stores. And the eyeshadow palette is called the Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in Mind. This is the all mattes palette. This palette is retailed at RM 165 (when i bought it which was last year. Not sure if the prices have increased).

The reason i picked this Mind palette is because it's all matte. I have so many eyeshadow palettes that have lots of shimmery or glittery shades. For example the 2 NAKED palettes that i have. So i figured that i need more matte shades to use with all those shimmer shades. Plus, you always need a matte eyeshadow for your crease area. And also, who doesn't like that all matte sexy eye look? :P

The Stila Mind palette comes with 12 gorgeous matte eyeshadows shades. It's mostly neutral shades that you can use for everyday wear. Most of them blends very well and smoothly. They have great pigmentation but of course, using an eyeshadow primer really does intensifies the colors more. However, there ARE like 3 shades in the palette which is kinda hard and less soft and buttery when compared to the others. 

I know that usually matte eyeshadows tends to be dry and powdery. But this eyeshadow is not like that. Except for that 3 eyeshadows that i have mentioned. And even those 3 shadows are still somewhat pigmented and it does show up on the eyelids especially when you have an eyeshadow primer on. The rest of the shadows are really nice and have an amazing color payoff! Below are the swatches of the eyeshadows according to the rows. 

Row 1 

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis personally (only coz i have no time to ready in the mornings when i'm working) but if i did, matte eyeshadows will definitely be my choice. But they are just so elegant and not over-the-top. Plus, everyone needs matte eyeshadows! You can't do a whole eyeshadow look with only shimmery shadows right?

Below is a simple eyeshadow look that i created earlier today. I just used the soft brown color all over my eyelids and then i used the darker brown shade in my crease area. And Voila! this soft brown office appropriate look is created. 

Let me know your thoughts on this palette. 

Lots of loveeeee from me, peeps! <3


Thursday, May 5, 2016

MAC Whirl Lipstick

Hello my wonderful readers! :)

It's been a long time since i did a MAC Lipstick review right? Well, it's about time! A few months ago, I bought the MAC Whirl lipstick. It's from the latest matte lipstick collection from MAC. MAC introduced a few more new shades of matte lipstick into their permanent lipstick line. So yay! It is retailed at RM 75. I still remember when MAC lipsticks were RM 68. Thanks GST, thanks. LOL.

MAC Whirl lipstick was derived from their lip pencil called "Whirl". Whirl lip pencil was made from famous by the one and only Kylie Jenner. Apparently she used this lip liner to overline her lips before she got the lip injections. And obviously everybody went bonkers over it. It is always sold out in the MAC stores. That's why they made the shade into a lipstick. And i have to say, i love the shade!

MAC Whirl is a beautiful taupe-rosy shade. It's definitely a cool tone lipstick which is also nice for tanner skin people. Usually i don't really like cool tone lipsticks, but this one is really nice. I can even wear it on days when i'm not using makeup. I'll just quickly swipe it on my lips and it will just give me that perfect color on my lips. It looks really natural. So people are just going to think that you're naturally pretty. Teehee. 

Anyways, this is MAC Whirl swatched on my hand. See how gorgeous the color looks? MAC Whirl is long lasting too as it is a matte lipstick. But it does not dry out your lips at all. In fact it actually feels like a satin finish lipstick. It's comfortable to wear so you girls that have chapped lips, don't be scared to try it, girl! It's also the kind of color that will be appropriate for you to wear to a job interview. Or even to work. It's basically a safe lipstick shade. So if you're a young girl that is thinking of getting her first MAC lipstick, this color will be good choice.

Of course, MAC Whirl Lipstick has that signature vanilla scent which i loveeee. I just love MAC lipsticks. They have awesome colors and they smell so good. It's my very own guilty pleasure. Anyways, below is a close up picture of my lips.

How does it look? What do you girls think of this MAC Whirl Lipstick? Yay or Nay?

Till the next post then!

Love you all <3


Monday, May 2, 2016

Review : Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in Black

Ola senoritas,

I hope all my readers are well and happy. I know sometimes in life, there are always ups and downs. But always remember that everything happens for a reason. And what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger. So yeah. Anyways, today i have a review on an eyeliner from Lakme. Lakme is a cosmetics brand from India. You can find Lakme Cosmetics in certain Guardian stores in Malaysia. I know the Sunway Pyramid branch has it as well as the KLCC branch too. 

Sweater from Dorothy Perkins :)

I am going to review the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal liner in Black. I only use black eyeliners. I never use brown or grey before. I just love the dramatic effect that the black eyeliner gives. This Lakme Eyeconic Kajal liner is retailed at RM 19.50. That is relatively inexpensive. Of course, if you compare it to Maybelline or Catrice, it's kinda not THAT cheap. But still, i personally think it's inexpensive and worth it because of their quality. 

These Lakme Eyeconic Kajals are said to be waterproof. They are also smudge proof too. They claim to last about 10 hours. The texture of this Eyeconic Kajal liner is that they are relatively cream and they are pigmented. They tend to set once you've lined your eyes. So that's good coz that way, it won't smudge. in fact, you'll need a proper eye makeup remover to remove this eyeliner. 

This is a swatch of the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal on my hand.

The only thing that i don't like about this Lakme Eyeconic Kajal is the fact that i can't be sharpen. it comes in one of those twist up mechanism. This means the tip of the eyeliner is always blunt. That means you can create a thin line around your eyes. So i would say that it's really nice if you like thick eyeliner look on your eyes or if you have really big eyes. Otherwise, you might wanna give this eyeliner a skip. 

Below is a close up picture of me using this Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in Black. 

Ostensibly, i give the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal a rating of 7/10. It's a good product for the price. And the quality is great. But i usually prefer thinner eyeliner tips. Hence, the rating! 

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