Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bath & Body Works 3 - Wick Scented Candle Review

Ola senoritas! 

Today i am going to talk (or type lol) about my all time favorite stuff to keep in my bedroom! If you guessed scented candles that means you're right! And you really know me. My favorite scented candles are from Bath & Body Works. Yes, i screamed like a little kid when BBW first came into Malaysia. Like finally. It's about time that we, Malaysians, also have nice scented candles, body mists, car mists and also room sprays.

I have so many scented candles from BBW. My all time classic favorite is the Warm Vanilla Sugar. That is my first and most favorite candle of all. Since this is from the signature collection, it is seldom on discount. It retails at RM 180 for one 3 - wick candle. I know, i know. It's pricey. but what i would advice is buying it during a sale. Look at how much i've used up. Lol. i'm almost done with it. Time for a new one.

My second favorite scented candle is the limited edition 3 wick candle called Buttercream Mint. OMG. If only this wasn't limited edition, it would have been my number 1 candle. the scent is just perfect. The sweetness of the buttercream scent plus the mint scent is just intoxicating. Plus, it's mint green. The color is so gorgeous. I quickly bought another 2 more candles just to keep it in stock. So all together, i have 3 Buttercream Mint candles. 

There is one scented candle that i'm dying to try, it's the Marshmallow Fireside. So many YouTube gurus love that scent. Therefore, it is next on my list of scented candles to try. All the candles have very strong scents that can make your whole house or floor smell good. One time i had my Warm Vanilla Sugar candle burning in my room. And i just opened my room door to talk to my brother in the living room on our first floor. He actually asked me what nice scent that was and that he could smell it from the living room. 

But there are scented candles that don't have really strong scent. One time i bought a limited edition scented candle called Love. The scent was so mild, that i just gave it to my sister. I didn't want to even keep. My sister didn't mind just decorating her room with it. So yeah. That was a disappointment. But it's safe to say that most of the scented candles from the Signature Collection has a very strong scent. So you can't go wrong with them. 

Below is all the scented candles that i have from Bath & Body Works. Aren't they all just beautiful? Nothing feels better than curling unto your bed with the aircond on and your bedroom smelling like Buttercream Mint while enjoying a book as you lay down on bed.  

Okay, thank you for reading! 

I love you all <3 


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