Sunday, May 29, 2016

Foundation Review : Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in #5.5 Warm Honey

Hello everybody! :)

So today i have a foundation review for you all. I've been a hot moment since i last did a foundation review. Today, it's the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in #5.5 Warm Honey. I bought this like 1 year ago. I wanted to just use it as a touch up stick when i'm on the go. However, the other day, i decided to just give it a go and use it as a foundation. After all, it is a foundation. Lol.

The Bobbi Brown Stick foundation comes in a sleek black packaging which twists up the product. It comes with only 9g of product. That is way lesser than what you usually get in any standard foundation which is 1 ounces of product. That's the normal amount of foundation. For the amount, RM 180 is very steep. But, it is a good foundation. I love Bobbi Brown foundations because the shades are so good for asian skin tones. They have the right amount of golden hues in their foundation. I usually use the shade (5.5 Warm Honey or 6 Golden). Sometimes Golden look a little to dark on me. I think the mix of the 2 would give me my perfect shade.

Anyways, this foundation has a natural skin finish. It doesn't make your skin super matte. Though i have to admit, i love foundations that gives me a matte finish because my skin is so oily. However, on an everyday basis, it's better to use something like this which is more natural looking. i would personally use this foundation on days where i don't need to have my makeup on for so long. Or i'll just use it during night time. When its not sunny and i don't have to use any sunscreen on. 

The Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation will be perfect for those with normal skin. As well as dry skin too. But maybe if you do have dry skin, consider using a moisturizer or hydrating primer before applying your foundation. That'll do it. For oily skin girls like me, it'll will do wonders if you apply a mattifying primer (i just use the Urban Decay De-Slick spray mist) and then also top it off with some mattifying powder like the MAC Prep + Prime powder.

If you have acne prone skin, don't worry. Because this foundation did not break me out whatsoever. So yay! It does last a good long of period before it got greasy on me. I think around 4 to 6 hours of wear. I don't use this foundation daily. So i can't really tell you how long 1 stick can last. The usual amount of time that a foundation will last me is around 6 to 8 months? Depending on how much i use it everyday. This foundation can double up as a touch up stick too. Like for those days where you just wanna look fly the whole day. Take this foundation with you in your purse. And then touch up whenever you want to. 

And that's all that i have to say about this Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation.

I'll be back with another post soon, girls!!


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