Thursday, May 5, 2016

MAC Whirl Lipstick

Hello my wonderful readers! :)

It's been a long time since i did a MAC Lipstick review right? Well, it's about time! A few months ago, I bought the MAC Whirl lipstick. It's from the latest matte lipstick collection from MAC. MAC introduced a few more new shades of matte lipstick into their permanent lipstick line. So yay! It is retailed at RM 75. I still remember when MAC lipsticks were RM 68. Thanks GST, thanks. LOL.

MAC Whirl lipstick was derived from their lip pencil called "Whirl". Whirl lip pencil was made from famous by the one and only Kylie Jenner. Apparently she used this lip liner to overline her lips before she got the lip injections. And obviously everybody went bonkers over it. It is always sold out in the MAC stores. That's why they made the shade into a lipstick. And i have to say, i love the shade!

MAC Whirl is a beautiful taupe-rosy shade. It's definitely a cool tone lipstick which is also nice for tanner skin people. Usually i don't really like cool tone lipsticks, but this one is really nice. I can even wear it on days when i'm not using makeup. I'll just quickly swipe it on my lips and it will just give me that perfect color on my lips. It looks really natural. So people are just going to think that you're naturally pretty. Teehee. 

Anyways, this is MAC Whirl swatched on my hand. See how gorgeous the color looks? MAC Whirl is long lasting too as it is a matte lipstick. But it does not dry out your lips at all. In fact it actually feels like a satin finish lipstick. It's comfortable to wear so you girls that have chapped lips, don't be scared to try it, girl! It's also the kind of color that will be appropriate for you to wear to a job interview. Or even to work. It's basically a safe lipstick shade. So if you're a young girl that is thinking of getting her first MAC lipstick, this color will be good choice.

Of course, MAC Whirl Lipstick has that signature vanilla scent which i loveeee. I just love MAC lipsticks. They have awesome colors and they smell so good. It's my very own guilty pleasure. Anyways, below is a close up picture of my lips.

How does it look? What do you girls think of this MAC Whirl Lipstick? Yay or Nay?

Till the next post then!

Love you all <3



  1. you look so pretty in that lipstick colour! somehow, matte lipstick looks pretty weird on me T_T

    1. Haha :D Thank you :) And i'm pretty sure you'll look beautiful in this lipstick too! xx

  2. Wow I love this colour. You look awesome.