Thursday, June 2, 2016

BH Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review!

Hello everyone! :)

So, today i am finally doing the post on my all-time favorite matte liquid lipsticks to date - the BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks! They are the best, most inexpensive liquid lipsticks ever! In Malaysia, we struggle to find inexpensive liquid lipsticks that are actually matte. All those drugstore brands' so -called "matte liquid lipsticks" usually does not dries to a matte finish anyways. In Sephora, there are of course brands like Stila and Lancome which does dry to a matte finish but at a very expensive price tag. Say around the RM 100++ range? Ain't nobody wanna be spending RM 100 on liquid lipstick.

This is why sometimes i wish that i was living in the USA. All the awesome inexpensive makeup brands are all there. And there is no way i can buy them all here. Sob Sob. But cry no more, girls. We can now get them too. Especially since BH Cosmetics does ship internationally! YAY! I've been shopping with BH Cosmetics ever since the year 2013. I've bought multiple items, multiple times from their website. Their service is trustworthy and amazing. Till today, i have no issues with their delivery dates or the conditions which the items arrived in.

Anyways, back to the BH Liquid Lipsticks. I'm gonna straight up say this. I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks. They are one of the best liquid lipsticks that i've ever used. And mind you, i have used the Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks before. I have even tried the Sephora Cream Lip Stains and also the COVO matte lip fluids. These BH Liquid Lipsticks beats them all flat. And you wanna know how much these babies cost? Only USD 8.50. That's like only RM 35! Plus they ALWAYS do some kind of discount deals. I almost never buy anything on the BH website on full price.

Onto the shades. I have a total of 6 shades from this collection. Muse, Serena, Clara, Endora, Glory and Lust. With 2 different lightings. At the bottom picture, the liquid lipsticks had already dried to a matte finish.

My favorite shade out of all these 6 shades has to be Clara. Clara is a medium browny-mauve lip colour. It looks amazing on my skin tone. So for those tanned girls out there, you need this shade asap. It's the most beautiful lip color that i've ever tried on. To be honest with you, i already have 3 backups for Clara. I can use Clara with a simple eye look as well as a smokey eye look.

My second favorite shade is Endora. Endora is a gorgeous warm medium pinky mauve shade. It reminds me of Stila Patina. Except Stila Patina is a shade lighter and way more expensive. Endora is a gorgeous color on me as well. It is the kind of pink shade that i am obsessed with. I know how some indian girls are so scared to use pink lip colors. But i feel that this is a safe color for you all. Follow my advice and give this a go. You won't regret it. Below is a swatch of Endora on my hands and also switched on my lips.

The next color that i like is Lust. Lust is a beautiful dark vampy blood red shade. Sometimes it almost looks black on my lips. But that's why i love it. It's such a sexy colour for the girl who likes to be bold. My BFF loves wearing vampy colored lipsticks. And she wants to get this color next. I have to admit that i don't use Lust on a daily basis like how i do with Endora and Clara. But i do really love this lip color when i'm out for dinner with my girls or when i just want to look more sophisticated.

Serena is a very nude peach color. It still works on my skin tone. But i personally would have like it even more if it was aT least like 1 shade darker. I don't know why nowadays i'm more into medium tone lipsticks compared to super nude shades. When i was in university, i would only use Nude lipsticks like MAC Kinda Sexy, MAC Siss and MAC Freckletone. Now i kinda prefer medium tone lipsticks maybe because of the Kylie Jenner lip trends. Anyways, below is a swatch of Serena on my hands and on my lips.

Muse is an interesting shade. It is a classic griege color that is the rage right now. People seems to like this shade a lot. But for me, i use it as a mixing agent because the color by itself, makes my lips look grey, sickly and pale. I look dead when i use this by itself. But by mixing it with Clara or Endora, it created the most beautiful shade ever! Below is the swatch of it on my hands and on my lips. See what i'm talking about? lol. Zombie girl.

The only shade that i don't really fancy much is the bright red shade called Glory. Glory is a gorgeous color but it is NOT opaque. It has a jelly finish. Don't get me wrong, it still dries to a matte finish. However, it is transparent. That means, when you put it on your lips, you'll see be able to see your natural lip shade. So for girls with pigmented lips, you might not wanna get Glory. But if you have naturally light lips, then this shade will work for you. So it depends actually.

Anyways, the BH Liquid Lipsticks comes in a sturdy plastic packaging which is nice. The doe-foot applicator is awesome as well. You can always overline your lips with it too. I know i do. The product itself is sort of between creamy and watery. Not too watery or too mousse-y like the Stila ones. It feels very  lightweight on the lips. That means you won't feel like there is a thick gunk on your lips whatsoever. It feels extremely comfortable on your lips. For me, it doesn't dry out my lips because i always apply a thin layer of lip balm before using any lip products. 

After that, when it dries to a matte finish, it doesn't budge at all. You can eat, drink or even kiss your boyfriend and there will be zero transfer. No more having to re-apply your lipstick after a meal. Now you can have beautiful lips all day long. Until you use an oil based makeup remover to remove it. So yeah. I can wait to get more colors from BH Cosmetics! To purchase these liquid lipsticks, click here

Ratings : 10/10. Enuf said. Lol.

Till the next post then! Love you all <3 



  1. Hye.. Do you still order BH cosmetics straight from US? How much is the delivery? And which payment method can be used?

    1. Hi. Yes, i do order straight from the BH Cosmetics website from USA. Delivery cost really depends. Usually it's less than USD 10. And i use my debit card when making these purchases :)