Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review : SilkyGirl Long-Lasting Lipliner in #01 Nude & #02 Mauve

Hi girlies! 

So last week, i went shopping with my friend, Tasha. She was wearing this gorgeous shade of Pinky neutral warm nude color on her lips and of course, me being the makeup lover, had to ask her what lipstick she was wearing on her lips. And then her reply shocked me. She basically told me that she wasn't wearing a lipstick. This was just a long wearing lip liner from Silkygirl. And then she proceeded to tell me that it was only RM 19.90. I practically screamed. I had to get my hands on these amazing lip liners.

I'm not too sure if these SilkyGirl Lipliners are new or not. But i just discovered it recently. They come in a few shades (5 shades, i think). I got 2 shades - Nude and Mauve. The Nude shade was what my friend was wearing. So anyways, on me, the Nude shade looks like a Pinky Neutral Nude shade. it looks so similar to MAC Velvet Teddy but slightly darker. I love this shade! It goes with pretty much any nude lipsticks as well as wearing it by itself.

Mauve is a more pinker shade. It looks like a warm bright pinky shade. Both shades are actually in the neutral family. Kinda like the Kylie lip kits. lol. This is what my friend said actually. This are our own Kylie Lip Kits. I love using lip liners on my lips, because i can slightly overline them. Since i wished my lips looked like Kylie Jenner's ones now. Haha. And it's really easy to do it too. All you need to do is outline you lips, and then fill it in entirely with your lipliner. Really fool-proof! Trust me, peeps :)

These Silkygirl lipliners comes in a retractable twist up type mechanism. It's not the wooden lip liner which i usually prefer. But i don't mind these as well. After all it's only RM 19.90. And the day i got it, Guardian was saving a sale of 10% if i'm not mistaken. So yeah. Malaysian Drugstore brands are really stepping up their games nowadays. I used to remember those days when drugstore brands does not sell lip liners at all. So good job, SilkyGirl! :) You guys are awesome!

These are the swatches of Nude (left) and Mauve (right) on my hands. See how creamy and pigmented these lipliners are gliding on my hands? So beautiful, i'm obsessed with them. I can't wait to get more colors actually. There is even a deep if i'm not mistaken. I know there is a bright shade of red too. 

These are the lipliners swatched on my lips. See how it glides on my lips and gives me that beautiful matte finish? I just love it! The colors are so beautiful too. It will look so pretty on almost every skin tone too. I am not sure how long 1 lip liner is gonna last. Coz you are gonna be filling in your whole lips with this product. I don't know coz i just got them. I haven't had the chance to finish any of it yet.

#01 Nude

#02 Mauve

Anyways, that's all i got to say about these wonderful SilkyGirl Lipliners in Nude and Mauve. I highly recommend them with a rating of 9/10. Woohoo :D 

Lots of love from me, girls :)



  1. Hi Priya!
    Enjoy reading your makeup reviews. The lip liners look so good on you :)
    I'm interested in exploring cruelty-free cosmetic brands like smashbox. However, as far as i know, smashbox is not available in Malaysia. In fact, it's difficult to find a good cruelty-free brand in this market. If you know of any, could you please recommend some to me? I'd love to hear them.

    Anyways, look forward to your next posts. have a great day :)

    1. Hello there. Actually, Smashbox is widely available in Malaysia. It is available in all Sephora Stores in Malaysia :) xx

  2. Have you tried their new Expert Brow Pencil? I love them! Best I've used from the drugstore so far...

    1. Oh, i have not. Yet to try it! :) Thanks for the recommendation, Hari!