Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black Brown

Hello everyone,

Time for another liquid liner review. You girls know that i almost never do a review on any other liquid liner because the only liquid liner that i've been using is the SilkyGirl Precision Liquid liner in Black. I've been using this liquid liner since my university days. That's how much i love it. Till today, it's my most purchased makeup item ever. I think i would have bought more than 12 tubes already? I love it because it's inexpensive and it is such an amazing liquid liner. So i had no reason to try any new ones. But, since it's already 2016, i decided to be more adventurous and tried the Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black Brown.

The thing about the SilkyGirl Liquid liner is that it is not waterproof at all. You can totally wash it off with just water. However, this Wet & Wild H20 Liquid Liner is waterproof and it stays on your eyelids for a long time. Until you actually use a proper oil based eye makeup remover to remove it. I personally don't really like it when eyeliners are so difficult to remove. This is because the area surrounding your eye is a delicate area. I don't want to tug and be rough on the skin in that area. I so don't want to get any wrinkles. So yeah.

But of course, with that said, this Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Eyeliner is really good for people who have problem with their eyeliner smudging. This baby does not smudge at all. It stays on there the whole day. I like the fact that this eyeliner has a nice sharp felt tip applicator. This means it is fairly easy to create a winged liner look. It also enables you to create a fairly thin line when lining your eyelids. So yay! You always have to have the option for thin eyeliner looks.

This is the swatch of the liner on my hands.

See how pigmented and black this Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Eyeliner is? I love it. I can't seem to see any hints of "brown" since it does claim to be "Black Brown".

The Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Eyeliner is retailed at RM 21.90 if i'm not mistaken. It is more expensive than the SilkyGirl Precision Liquid Liner. But of course it is still cheap when compared to Bobbi Brown or MAC Liquid Liners. So i will say, give it a try girls! :) You need to have this if you're a beginner in creating a winged eyeliner look. Always remember to shake it up before using it.

And that is pretty much it. I give this Wet & Wild H20 Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black Brown a 8/10 rating. If only it wasn't too difficult to remove, i'd give it a 9!

Till the next post then, peeps :)


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